Join Me Online … and some snacks too!

Hi Friends,

I sent out a newsletter today and I wanted to share it here as well.

These are trying and interesting times. We have been out of school for almost a month now, (and as I write this, I am listening to the governor, telling us we will not be going back to school at all this year). We are starting our 3rd week of sheltering in place and so far I have taught five yoga classes on the internet and offered one home practice via Instagram. Yes, we should be grateful for all the things we do have, shelter, food, extended family time, the opportunity to move our bodies and this beautiful spring weather. But even with a heart full of gratitude, it is still natural and human to also have feelings of loss. Loss of our normal routines, loss of the simplicity of popping into the grocery store to pick up a few things, missing our friends, family and community. Loss of security, stability and safety, with new information and anxieties appearing everyday. Both feelings, loss and gratitude, are valid and can show up at the same time. When we slow down, we are able to notice and feel them. Yoga can help with that.

One thing that I shared in my class on Saturday morning, is my gratitude that I am still able to teach yoga. Even though the online platform is new and a little awkward for me, I am so happy to have this small sense of normalcy in my life right now. 

Below is my new online schedule. I invite you to find some time for yourself and join me. Before quarantine our schedules were often too busy to get to a studio, but now we have a little extra time. Invite your partner, your kids or find the class after the Live stream and practice when it is convenient for you. 

These are tough times, I wanted to reach out and take a moment to let you all know that I am thinking of you and your families. I miss my community and look forward to the day that we can all practice together. 

Be safe, stay healthy and spread love!

Practicing yoga is a wonderful way to connect to your breath, your body and your mind. While we are all trying to figure out our new normal, I will be offering online yoga classes via Facebook Live. All these details are also on the home page.

Quick overview: I am teaching Wednesday & Saturday mornings at 10am on Facebook Live via Kula Movement.
Quarantine Recipes:
Here are a few recipes my family and I have been making during quarantine. Not all super healthy, but a fun variety and some recipes to try while staying home and staying safe…

I am trying to start my day out with a healthy, light smoothie and this has been doing the trick, it makes enough so I have extra for the next day:
Detox Green Smoothie

These nuts have been good for snacking and a good source of protein:
Spicy Roasted Almonds

And we had a ton of extra apples this week, so the girls made this fun treat:
Hand Held Apple Pies

Sunrise Yoga Newsletter 💗 🌈 Feb/Mar

contentmentWe live in a fast paced world, a world where we are always consuming more. More food, more media, more news, striving for more happiness. What if we just stopped, stopped wanting for more? What would it feel like to be content with what we have and where we are, right now? Santosha is second of the Niyamas in yoga, the Niyamas are a guide to help each person tune into and find your true self. Santosha is the concept of digging deeper to the self and finding peace in any situation. Accepting challenges and each circumstance as it comes to you and being grateful for the life you have and remembering that each breath, each experience, each moment is a blessing. By practicing Santosha you can find a sense of grounding, even in times of worry or want.
If you are looking for a grounding or gratitude meditation, try one of these following mantras (from the Kirpalu Center) the next time you sit to mediate:

“I am content. I am grateful for what I have and for what I do not have.”
“I learn from the joys and disappointments life brings me.”
“I honor the good in myself & others, and I refrain from fault-finding.”
“I accept life just the way it is. I enjoy my life!”

beach triangle with pup_march_specialPractice With Me! 

I am grateful to have a wonderful, dedicated group of yogis that practice with me in the early morning hours on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays and we welcome more to join us.

If you have been hoping to get back into yoga or looking for a gentle way to move your body, the Sunrise Yoga Series is a great option.

March we will be a shorter month, with only 8 classes. The dates for March classes are as follows: March 1, 4, 6, 11, 13, 15, 18, 20 (NO CLASS on March 8, 22, 25, 27, 29)

Classes are held at the Sunset Hill Community Center, Mon/Wed/Fri @ 6:30 -7:30 am

You can also practice with me on Wednesday mornings at 9:30 am & every other Saturday at 10 am, also at Kula Movement in Ballard.

For more details and to sign up for the series, click here.

Taking Time for Self-Care

March is a shorter month for the series because this month I am taking some much needed time away for some self-care. At the end of the month, I will be traveling to Costa Rica to immerse myself in daily yoga, kirtan, time in the ocean and general relaxation. More about the retreat can be found here. 

I am grateful to my husband for taking over the home and child management duties while I am away and I look forward to a week of rejuvenation and sunshine. While traveling to a yoga retreat far from home might not be attainable all the time when self-care is needed, it is important to take time for yourself whenever possible.

Maybe you can carve out an afternoon alone to see a movie or visit a museum. If a whole afternoon is not possible, find an hour or even 15 minutes to do something each day that brings you joy, something that you are able to lose yourself in and that has no agenda. When the mind is free to experience pure, uninhibited joy and relaxation, this will provide small, but substantial moments of self-care.

For more on how to make time for self-care, check out this article. And if you are thinking, “I don’t have time for self-care”, you need it more than you know!


News, Tea and Yoga

This blog will be where I am able to share articles, stories and news about yoga. I will also start sharing Ayurvedic  recipes that I come across and try, like this one for Ayurvedic Chai Tea. This tea was delicious and it made my whole house smell wonderful! chai2

I will also use this site to post updates on when and where I am teaching.  This week I will be at Sunset Hill Park on Wednesday, June 21st at 10, teaching a lovely outdoor class on the first day of summer. Donations are Welcome. Sign up here is you are interested.