Our family recently returned from beautiful vacation in Hawaii. We stayed on Maui and spent time in Ka’anapali, Lahaina and Paia. During our days in Ka’anapali we were traveling with family and we jumped into the resort mindset and made sure to pack our days with plenty of activities.  For me, I was thrilled to see that the resort offered multiple yoga classes on the lawn, overlooking the ocean. The yoga classes were 45 minutes long and targeted to the general public, they were gentle and relaxing, allowing the class to take in the view of the ocean and be still for a few moments. When I didn’t attend class I practiced on the beach on my own, which in some ways was better than the organized class because I was able to tune into my body and make sure I was moving in the way that my body needed, on that day.

Sunrise at Haleakela

During the week we signed up for a variety of adventures: we took a helicopter trip to see the other islands around Maui, we enjoyed an outrigger canoe tour, we snorkeled and swam in the ocean, took a dinner cruise and Andrew and I got up in the middle of the night to see the sunrise at the highest peak on the island, Haleakala National Park.

While we were on the top of the mountain Andrew took some yoga photos of me because I wanted to make the most of this amazing view and backdrop.

pregnant dancer… but not really, just a puffy coat :-

Although we were in Hawaii, the temperature at the top of Haleakala (over 10,000 feet) was about 50 degrees, the wind was blowing strong and it was bitterly cold. We had planned on this adventure before we got to Maui, so we knew what we were getting into, we made sure to pack our down jackets, long pants and warm hats. When I was totally layered up the photos Andrew took made me look like I am about 9 months pregnant, which I guess is ok considering yoga is for everybody, but it was not quite the silhouette I was going for!

Sun Salutations on the mountain… an amazing way to start the day!

Overall, it was amazing to see the sunrise from the highest point on the island and to be able to practice my Sun Salutations while watching the sun come up. Even if the photos may not have been prefect, the experience it self was one I will always remember.

After leaving Ka’anapali, our family of four extended our vacation and took a few extra days to stay in Paia, on the north coast of Maui. This cool, little town had an awesome hippie vibe and every where you looked it seemed everyone was “Living Aloha”. Aloha is more than a greeting or a farewell, it also means love, kindness, compassion and regard for others.  The concept of “Living Aloha” is similar to the philosophy of yoga, which explains why there are hundreds (if not more) yoga studios and classes all over the island. It is clear from our visit, people living in Hawaii truly love their islands, they take great care and are eager to share the Aloha spirit with others.